Why Fall Is LA's Best Season
There's no definition here, only instinctive observations—a slight chill, an infinite night sky, the melancholic sound of Harley motors echoing across the basin. And when the last of the heat waves follows the endless summer out of town, there's an …
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Student news round-up: Starting term in a Travelodge, Oxford student who
A member of staff told students that windows would be only partially complete, rooms would not be properly furnished, and "drinking water will be available from the wash-basin taps in the shower rooms". In addition, builders will start work … The …
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Court is holding state lawmakers accountable
3, 2014, in Olympia, Wash. The court ordered lawmakers to explain why they haven't followed its orders to fix the way Washington pays for public education. Lawmakers, the governor and others say the court needs to be patient and give the Legislature …
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Why Fall Is LA's Best Season
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