Veterans baffled, angry Denver VA hospital conditions
VA spokesman Daniel Warvi said he agrees the new hospital will offer many advantages, including a "world class" spinal-care center, private rooms and a separate treatment area for veterans suffering from PTSD. … Finally, there was the toilet issue …
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Coachella and Stagecoach Music Festivals Get New, Glorious Bathroom Facilities
First of all, Coachella hosts two separate weekends, so that's twice as much usage right there. The promoter also host the annual Stagecoach … There are sinks and hand-dryers, and even toilet seat covers. It brings a tear to the eye. Now we'll just …
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Metro briefs
According to online court documents, Owens made three separate attempts at Hills Bank to extract $ 1,200. … Upon entry, the task force located Marvella in a downstairs China bathroom attempting to flush individual packaged bags of marijuana down the toilet.
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Veterans baffled, angry Denver VA hospital conditions
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