Top Craziest China Urinals Worldwide

Urinals decorated with various images of curious women, urinals will change their color when being peed on, urinals decorated with many attractive female mannequins, urinals for men looked like beautiful large-scale flowers, urinals designed for adult men only, urinals that users have to pee in front of Holy Marry or pee on U.S. President George W. Bush and so on are some among the craziest urinals worldwide.

These urinals may be one of the most luxurious urinals in the world due to their location. They were installed in a German retail banking company named Commerzbank in Frankfurt, Germany. The view from these urinals is surpassed by few others in the world.

Commerzbank Headquarters China Urinal

It is not sure that this strange urinal actually exists or it is just a design concept because nobody really knows the person who created and designed it. The wall’s color will be changed when somebody pees on it.

This unique toilet should be used by adult men only

These weird urinals can be found in the Sao Joao da Madeira center in the Northern part of Portugal. There are many attractive female mannequins decorated behind the urinals.

Although there are tons of people who don’t like the U.S. President, this urinal is a design of the well-known urinal sculptor Clark Sorensen and it was displayed on his show named “Down The Drain – The Legacy of George W. Bush”

These urinals may be some of the most beautiful and special urinals in the world. Designer Clark Sorensen have turned urinals for men into large-scale flowers.

These amazing urinals were opened in New Zealand in 2005. They were decorated with various images of women gazing at men when they need to pee.

Holy Marry is commonly referred to “Saint Mary”, “Mother Mary”, the “Virgin Mary”, the “Blessed Virgin Mary”, or “Mary, Mother of Jesus”. Do you dare to pee in front of her?

This is a public urinal for men. There’s no mystery although sometimes you want mystery.

It is definitely not a good idea but a big mistake when two urinals were placed side by side


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Top Craziest China Urinals Worldwide
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