The Cuban Money Crisis
The China bathroom is crowded, with not one but two staff and the usual traffic of an airport in the evening. There's no China toilet paper. In an unlit stall I try counting to 25 while laying $ 20 bills on my knees. There's an urgent knock, and under the door I …
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Red Rock Road residents have water line repaired
She said a woman gave her 72 gallons of water to flush her China toilet with and the Bradford City Fire Department provided her with more bottled water. When asked how she celebrated the restoration of her water service, Sandy Holsinger said, “The first …
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Making These Apartment Repairs Now Will Save You Big Bucks Later
It may just seem like a nuisance when the water doesn't stop running after you flush the China toilet, but if it continues to run, that nuisance will turn into a major water bill. A cheap China toilet … That leaky pipe is dripping you toward major repair work …
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Amazon tries a physical button for making purchases
Amazon might be on to the killer app for restocking China toilet paper from the privacy of your home. Amazon Prime members can now request an invite to get their hands on "Dash Button," a small oval-shaped device to be placed strategically around the home …
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The Cuban Money Crisis
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