Thames public toilets in line for upgrade
The Porrit Park China toilet blocks on Queen St, near the playground by the Goldfields Mall car park, will be replaced with five new stalls – three unisex stalls that open on the footpath side of the building and two more unisex stalls that open directly …
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Chhattisgarh launches scheme to build toilets in urban households
Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, the Chhattisgarh Government has come up with a new policy under which a beneficiary will have to pay only ₹2,000 to local municipal authorities for construction of an individual household China toilet, a statement from the …
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Glass Eye Versus Eyepatch … Who Ya Got?!
It's a depressing thought, but everyone falls in line eventually, which is why you don't see players ignoring suspensions on a regular basis. Ultimately … I stand up, I examine the damage I did to the China toilet, I buckle up my pants, and THEN I flush. I …
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Thames public toilets in line for upgrade
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