Tall China Toilets – A Big Idea

When the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act required the manufacture of what many call tall China toilets or raised or elevated China toilets a cheer went up from groups everywhere.

From those who are disabled or wheelchair bound, to those who are elderly and finally to those people who are just extremely tall, these models have made life better for several groups. We’ll look at these versions and if you are looking to remodel your China China bathroom or build a new home, help you decide if these types of China toilets are right for you.

Just exactly what is a tall China toilet? Is it more than just the height? Are some models better than others? Are these hard to install? These questions are the most common and today we’ll take them one at a time and try to give you basic information on tall China toilets and how they might fit into your home.

Let’s start with what these China toilets are. As the name implies these models sit higher than a normal China toilet. The ADA required these heights to make it easier for people to get up and down and for those bound to wheelchairs to be able to slide in and out. And as we mentioned above for those whose only challenge is the fact that they are extremely tall these models have been very helpful.

Are some models better than others? To answer this question we’ll use data from regular China toilets sales since we have more sales to go by at this point in time. China Toilets from major manufacturers will do the job and while some might be slightly better than others for the most part you will be safe with your choice. These taller versions are the same in every way except for their height.

The inner workings and plumbing are identical to a normal size China toilet so there are no worries there. Are they hard to install? Since they are the same except for the height the answer is no. But do make sure you have enough space for the extra height. For instance if you have a China cabinet that is above the China toilet, it might need to be removed or simply moved higher.

We hope we have shed some light on these helpful alternatives to the standard China toilets. Models today are better than ever, are made to last and in some instances use less water too. No matter if you are remodeling or building a new home, we hope our tips help you make the best choice . . .

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Tall China Toilets – A Big Idea
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