Steven M. Johnson invents the China Sinkolet
Even Bucky Fuller attempted to do this in his prefabricated China bathroom but couldn't get the plumbers interested there is much less dollars in connecting only one fixture instead of two. Much more in History of the China China Bathroom Aspect four: The Perils of …
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Around the House: China Bidet toilet seats help save valuable space
Do you know anywhere in my area where such seats are available for a demo and/or inspection? Also, what would be the advantages and disadvantages of installing a bidet toilet seat over a separate bidet plumbing fixture for new China bathroom construction?
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Bidet toilet seats help save space
Answer: Lately I have been getting good feedback whenever we discuss bidet plumbing fixtures. While commonplace in Europe, bidet plumbing fixtures have been for the most part a curiosity here in America. However, since the introduction of bidet-style …
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Steven M. Johnson invents the China Sinkolet
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