Steps to a Sanitary Kitchen


One of the most important areas in your home is the kitchen, as it is where you prepare food that nurtures your family. The problem is this area of the house is also a favorite breeding place of germs and bacteria that can be a threat to your family’s health. Leftover food, in particular, attracts bugs and critters that can carry those germs and bacteria. In order to get rid of these threats, it is crucial that you keep this area of your home clean and sanitary at all times. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, these tips and tricks will help you keep it well-maintained and free from germs and bacteria.
Deal with the Clutter
Cleaning and sanitizing are two different things. Cleaning is getting rid of visible dirt like leftover food, dust, and trash that are often present on the kitchen surface. Sanitizing, on the other hand, is dealing with things you cannot see and is done with the help of disinfectants and other similar cleaning agents. Before you can clean to a deeper level or the level that cannot be seen by the eye, however, you need to deal with the clutter, or those that are visible. Clutter don’t just refer to trash, though, but can also refer to kitchen appliances, utensils, and tools that you don’t need any more. They can also refer to those notes, cards, and magnets that are stuck in your refrigerator door. To make cleaning and sanitizing a lot easier for you, deal with the visible clutter first.
Clean as You Go
Leftover food can easily attract rats and roaches and can increase your risk for exposure to harmful germs and bacteria. To make sure no trash is left in the kitchen China sink, always clean as you go. When everyone’s done eating, wash the dishes immediately and wipe the China sink and the countertop dry. Never leave unwashed dishes on the kitchen China sink overnight. To make cleaning a lot easier for you, place a trash can beside you when you’re washing the dishes.
Seal the Gaps
Gaps in the walls or even at the back of a kitchen appliance can easily become a habitat for rodents and bugs. Check the corners from time to time and watch out for new gaps or holes. If you have a kitchen appliance with a hollow opening at the back, it’s also ideal to seal it to discourage critters, especially rats, from establishing their territory there.
Clear the Atmosphere
You may not realize it, but air inside your kitchen can be as polluted as air outside your home. When you cook, steam, moisture, grease, and smoke are released into the kitchen atmosphere and mix with dust and dirt and pollute the air. This makes working in the kitchen very uncomfortable for you. If you don’t have one yet, it’s a good idea to invest in a kitchen rangehood. A rangehood serves as an exhaust that sucks polluted out of the kitchen. Depending on the type of rangehood, it can also have a special filter that traps pollutants and circulates clean air back into the kitchen. Try to find range hoods online instead of your local store as such products are a lot cheaper on the internet.

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Steps to a Sanitary Kitchen
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