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Benefits and uses of non woven fabric: Hygiene Non Woven Fabric and Non Woven Fabric Bag

Latest technological developments have brought in considerable changes in items used daily in households for personal care, hygiene and in commercial sectors. Instead of natural fabrics, fabric can be engineered using machines and modern techniques. They have varied use in providing health and hygiene besides several other applications. These machine made fabrics are made from very high quality raw materials to improve their quality and functionality. Such items including non woven fabric bags are completely eco friendly as they are made out of recycled materials. Being eco friendly they do not pose a threat to the environment like plastic bags do.

Non woven fabrics can be made by using sheets made with molten plastic or separate fibers. Using chemical, mechanical and thermal procedures these sheets are turned into non woven fabrics. These hygiene non woven fabrics are used to make use and throw products like disposable diapers, sterile wraps, marks, gowns, caps, sanitary napkins and tampons. In fact, medical industry is highly indebted to the hygiene non woven fabric for such a wide ranging application. Some other applications of the non woven fabric are wall coverings, apparel interlining, personal wipes, roofing products, insulation, civil engineering fabrics and geotextiles. These fabrics are resistant to bacteria, which is why they are used for hygienic purposes.

Non woven fabric is highly durable and they are soft in nature. These fabrics can be easily made into home furnishing items and consumer goods. Non woven fabrics are also used for making bags for shopping, packing and so on. Non woven fabric bags are available in a myriad of colors and designs. As already mentioned they are environment friendly as they are made of recycled fabrics. The bags look like one made of cloth may be due to the replicating tendency of the fabric. In order to make them look good, one may even paint on them using fabric colors.

Best part about the non woven fabric is that they would never be hazardous for the earth. When there are serious concerns about the degradation of earth due to pollutants like plastic, these fabrics may provide ultimate solution to the packing industry. Instead of using paper for packing heavy items these bags may be used. They even come with zip and straps for carrying them with ease. The industry of manufacturing non woven fabric is well developed owing to the benefits and usage of the items in different fields.

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