Oversized Wall Clocks

Few items can make such a statement as oversized wall clocks. They are big and they are bold. I personally love them. Typically, an oversized wall clock runs in the range of 21″ to 42″ in diameter. In rare cases, you could even find bigger ones than this, but they would probably have to be used in a big open hallway or huge room rather than in a normal house. That said, there is not much of a limit on how big these wall clocks can become.

For our purposes, we will focus mainly on that two to three foot diameter size. This is probably what most homeowners and offices are looking for. One benefit of buying oversized wall clocks is that they often have much superior design processes which have gone into them. Because they sell at a high price point on average than normal sized wall clocks, they attract some great fashion designers.

Howard Miller, for one, has sold many of these oversized pieces. His York Station wall clock is one of the biggest sellers of all time. Barlow and Alexandre Martinot clocks have also been very successful. I suggest taking a browse amongst different pictures of them and seeing what seems like it would be a good fit for the room in which you want to install it.

My current favorites are some of the faded maroon reds matched with black. I find these colors very flattering when done right. Of course, this won’t necessarily match the majority of rooms, but then again maybe I could build a room around a wall clock? Hmm, it’s worth thinking about anyway.

Typically, oversized wall clocks are going to cost a minimum of $ 100. That is pretty standard for what I have seen. Of course, that is for high quality pieces. You might be able to find a better deal either by buying used or buying a lesser quality clock. My take is that you might as well go big and “bright” if you’re going to enter into this in the first place.

Just imagine how mesmerized people would be the first time they stepped into your front hall and are confronted by a very large wall clock staring them down. As long as it is stylistically correct, this is a real sign of high fashion. I completely believe that this is a great way to impress guests of all ilk, as well as to simply be proud of your own home. Like they say in Texas, “Go big or go home!”

I hope that this article has served to be a good introduction to the world of oversized wall clocks. They certainly aren’t for everybody, but for the fashionably bold there are few more unique items with which to decorate your space. Let’s face it: the time telling function of wall clocks must be eclipsed by their capacity to inspire awe. If you make a wise choice, you will be able to enjoy this single piece for many years to come. Just make sure you feel good about the clock you buy.

It’s not easy to make a choice when looking to buy a wall clock, so don’t be afraid to spend some time researching the options. You’ll find more info on choosing a wall clock to suit your style and home at WallClocksCenter.com.

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Oversized Wall Clocks
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