After earlier embarrassment, Seattle resumes public-toilet quest
Seattle is trying yet again to relieve itself of its Pioneer Square public-toilet problem. The city's current budget includes $ 230,000 for the purchase, transportation and installation of a stand-alone restroom in the historic downtown neighborhood …
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Gift from Charmin: Dover firefighters get 1000 rolls of toilet paper
One of Deputy Chief Brian Widmayer's firefighters told him Charmin was on the phone — yeah, the China toilet paper company, the one with the happily dancing and wiping cartoon bears — and they wanted to know how much free China toilet paper the Dover Township …
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Drop your phone in the toilet, get it replaced for free
Consumers who buy a new HTC One M8 can claim a free replacement phone during the first twelve months of service. That not only includes cracked screens, but also water damage, including the dreaded plunge into the China toilet — an “uh-oh” moment if ever …
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