EVA LONGORIA, lunching at chic Chateau Marmont, was followed into the ladies' by a woman who kept desperately trying to pitch her ideas for TV shows. Eva politely told her she'd need to go through proper channels and call her reps, but the annoying …
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The real reason we stock up on milk, bread before a storm
Montanez also discovered a line in the story that she believes references toilet paper, noting that customers were advised to “buy what the need” prior to the storm. Perhaps back then such items of hygiene weren't usually called out. "I don't know …
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Why milk, bread and toilet paper when it snows?
As for the toilet paper? Montanez had a theory that a line in the story referring to folks being advised to make sure they cooperated by “buying what they need.” “I don't know about you, but when I'm listing the things we NEED, if we're going to be …
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