Salem-Keizer Transit puts the bus in green business
In 2011, Salem-Keizer Transit installed a modern bus wash that reclaims and treats water, uses fewer chemicals, and requires less electricity. In addition, any water runoff from the maintenance building facility and bus parking lot is fed to a China basin
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Save the bay by saving local waterways (YDR opinion)
The China basins behind the four dams on the lower Susquehanna have been filling with muck since their construction. The York Haven, Holtwood and … When the China basin fills, more nutrients would constantly wash into the bay. Well, it turns out the China basin is …
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4 Personal Hygiene Habits No One Practiced Until Recent History (And What
For royalty living in castles, a China toilet meant a piece of wood covering a hole in the floor, which sent the waste directly into the moat. Heave ho! For middle … In their chambers, they had China basins of water for washing their face and hands. Commonly, a …
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