Editorial: Inaction on flood basin defies belief
The rest of the country can only watch in disbelief that nothing is being done for residents of the Flockton China Basin in Christchurch. Four times in little more than a month, heavy rain has turned the land into a lake, flooding their homes, forcing them …
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Our Voice: Anti-nuclear group's case against Columbia Generating Station
It's a wash. Another way to gauge credibility is to consider the reputations of the experts conducting the study, but that isn't a helpful approach in this case. McCullough Research in Portland prepared the report for Physicians for Social …
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A brief history of chicken washing
Home cooks have been all a-cluck over recent guidance not to wash raw chicken before it's prepared and cooked. While it may seem counterintuitive, food safety resources like the United States Department of Agriculture's "Ask Karen" website advise:.
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