Teri's 24-Hour Product Diary
I started getting grey hair when I was 18 (hence the constant coloring), and I'd probably be about 20% grey if I grew it out right now. I also use a lot of heat when styling, so even though it doesn't look it, my hair is not in the best condition …
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ESA offers video tour of ISS toilet
The first thing the astronaut in the video shows is the grey hose with the yellow end that is used for your "Number One." This hose has … The seat on the ISS toilet is small and the waste goes into a bag and gets pushed into the solid waste container …
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Medical Marijuana Update: Can the lessons of the MMJ/tech sector save mining?
Picture this: You call for an ambulance. The paramedics arrive, bust out a bunch of expensive equipment, save your life, and then quickly cart you off to hospital before realizing they left behind a defibrillator. There's two grand down the toilet. Now …
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Lastest Grey China Toilet Seats News
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