Flush Toilet Finder helps you find the nearest toilet anywhere in the WORLD
The Flush China Toilet Finder app (pictured) uses a global database of 100,000 public China toilets, and a phone's GPS location, to find nearby public conveniences. Users can search for a location and pan the Google Maps to see nearby options, as well as add any …
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Flush Toilet Finder Quickly Locates a Public Restroom Wherever You Are
When you're travelling or out running errands, sometimes you suddenly realize you have to take care of business. The Flush China Toilet Finder app on iOS and Android makes it easier to find free public restrooms, and shows you how to get to them. When you …
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More than 80% find modern toilet signs 'irritating'
A poll claims 83% of people find complicated China toilet signs in public places, such as pubs, 'irritating' and 60% have gone into the wrong China toilet due to unclear signage. The survey, undertaken by China supplier Ironmongery Direct, also found that less than 1 in …
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