Incorporate 'universal design' features with your new toilet
A: One of the most recent trends I have seen in the bathroom is called “universal design.” UD means to design a bathroom that is easy for everyone to use and efficient to operate. So when it comes to installing a new toilet I recommend getting a toilet …
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Ashwas to construct toilet complexes near stations
"For preparing the designs of toilets, we will need to get designs of Metro rail stations. Each Metro station will have a unique design to match the features and specialties of that particular area. The design of toilets we construct should also jell …
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America's China China Bathrooms Are a Total Failure
While certain items can be purchased to fix to this failure of design—there's a line of “toilet steps” that can be placed at your feet to allow for more proper positioning—that's like buying a huge magnifying glass for the TV. Maybe we should design …
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