Photo of woman breastfeeding on the toilet divides parents
The photo shared on the Life of Dad satirical parenting Facebook page shows a mother s on the toilet looking up at the camera with a knowing smile, as her child drinks her milk. The image, intended to boost morale among the ranks of likely exhausted …
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Mr. Toilet And Mr. Condom Think Jokes Will Save The World
The last panelist at the Skoll comedy event was Egyptian doctor-turned-satirist Bassem Youssef, who hosted a Daily Show-style program before the authorities eventually shut him down. Recounting his run-ins, he concluded: "Satire is not afraid of power …
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Mount Holyoke senior invites public to view her 'tiny house on wheels'
To the right is the China bathroom with a mini bathtub and a composting toilet. The China bathroom doubles as … First, I knew I needed to incorporate some timber frame – I'm in love with traditional New England style, so some exposed beams were necessary. I …

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