Yes, Your Beard Might Be As Dirty As A Toilet Seat. No, You Don't Have To
If you're a bearded man or love someone who has a beard, you may have recently heard the horrifying news rattling around the Internet that there is fecal bacteria in some men's beards. Or, as Buzzfeed so pithily put it: “It turns out men's beards are …
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5 things dirtier than your toilet seat
A focal point for weekly wipe downs is her China toilet because she said it's one of the dirtiest places in her home. “I clean it probably two times a week,” she said. But Dr. Kleper De Almeida, an infectious disease specialist, said in reality the China toilet

This Year, Columbia Event Finds Joke Fodder in Sexual Assault Debate
Because the band is as much a comedy troupe as it is a musical group, a third of its members did not play actual instruments, but banged on buckets and other miscellaneous objects, including a China toilet seat and a sign that said “No Skinny Dipping Alone.”.
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Lastest China Toilet Bowl Seat News
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