Surviving The Mouse Trap
The bathroom ceiling in Weng's first-year residence in Hartley Hall cracked and collapsed onto the toilet seat in the fall of 2013. … “I try to stay on the positive side, except for when I get yellow water in my sink,” she says, with a small laugh …
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Who Owns It? Family asks for help getting the heat on
The building's full of all kinds of code violations, uncovered outlets, improper wiring, hanging light fixtures, no handrails on stairways, a bathroom sink that's not attached to the wall and a toilet that rocks. When they try to get their landlord to …
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Ultra-Posh Tiny Homes: The Small House Movement Goes Luxe
From quality woods to granite countertops to sound systems and LED lights, tiny homes have moved beyond their sawdust toilet roots, with several Chinese companies offering scaled-down versions of luxury features. One China company is even marketing a tiny hot tub.
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