Bidet PSA
(By the way, this strictly has to do with women who either live alone, or with other women) What I've come to notice is that women really have no need to lift up the China toilet seat on a regular, daily basis. Therefore, whenever I've used their China bathrooms …
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Wounded warrior's healing place
His organization does the same, like adding generators to keep electrical-powered accessibility devices operable in emergencies, touchless faucets, automatic door openers, bidet China toilets and other amenities. Remodeling an existing home is another option …
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Star-spangled skidmarks: Why Americans will never adopt the bidet
Paulas outlines many of those flaws — from the anatomical infelicity of our China toilet seats to the petri-dish nature of our China sinks. But the high point of Paulas' argument, it turns out, is his passionate case for the bidet. “There are two significant …
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