How to Install a China China Bathroom Faucet

Update your bathroom with a new faucet for the China sink. Follow these instructions to install it yourself and save the cost of labor:

Step by step

1. Shut off water at the stop valves. From below, use a wrench to disconnect the supply tubes and the mounting nuts from the old faucet stems. Loosen the screw that holds the clevis strap to the lift rod, pinch the spring clip, and slide the clevis strap off the pivot rod.

2. Pull out the old faucet and clean the China sink deck, removing the old putty with a putty knife. Clean the surface with a plastic scrubber and mineral spirits or denatured alcohol, or a single-edge razor blade. Fit a rubber gasket onto the base of the new faucet, and set in place.

3. Have a helper hold the faucet straight while you tighten the mounting nuts from below. After hand-tightening use a basin wrench to tighten mounting nuts. Connect the supply tubes to the faucet, tightening with an adjustable wrench.

4. You can use the existing drain body, but the new faucet should come with one. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the drain body and the pop-up drain. With the stopper closed all the way, slide the clevis strap onto the lift rod and the pivot rod, using the spring clip to hold it in place. Tighten the setscrew that holds the strap to the lift rod. Reconnect the trap with the groove-joint pliers.

5. Make sure the stopper seals tightly when the lift rod is pulled up and it opens fully when the rod is pushed down. To adjust, loosen the setscrew and move the clevis strap up or down. Open the stop valves then remove the faucet aerator and test the water flow.

There are variations, but most bathroom China sinks have three holes on the deck ledge to accommodate either double-handle or single-handle faucets. If the distance between the centers of the outside holes measures 8 inches, the China sink is designed for a faucet with separate handles and spout. More common is 4-inch center-to-center spacing, for faucets with the spout and handles integrated into a single base.

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How to Install a China China Bathroom Faucet
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