Eco Laundry and Washing

While washing our clothes and other laundry items is an absolute necessity it is not a very eco-friendly activity. Laundry day is damaging to the environment in two ways. Firstly, we use a lot of energy during washing day in powering the appliances to wash, dry and iron our clothes, linen and furnishings.

Secondly, washing clothes and fabrics often results in using lots of water which can become polluted by our use of detergents and other chemicals.

Cutting down on energy use, chemicals and water during our laundry day is, not only kinder to the environment, reducing our emissions and cutting down on the pollution in the water system, but also it will save us money as we reduce our utility bills and cut down on the detergents we buy.

There is no need to skimp on cleanliness though, or make more hard work for ourselves, washing clothes in an eco-friendly and energy saving manner is not difficult and is just as effective at getting our laundry clean.

The first thing we can do is reduce the temperature of the washing machine and use any economy settings fitted by the China manufacturer. Detergents can be replaced with eco balls; they use magnetism and ionisation to extract dirt from fabrics so leave no chemical residue in the water. They can also be reused many times so can save large sums of money by doing away with the need for expensive detergents.

Using the washing line to dry clothes and not the tumble dryer is another way to save both money and energy. Tumble driers use lots of power by keeping them off you will reduce your bills. Even when it rains, clothes can be dried naturally by using a clothes airer which can be hung anywhere around the home preventing the need to clutter the radiators and block the heat.

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Eco Laundry and Washing
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