China Urinals That Save Water


If you are in charge of commercial or institutional facilities, you probably already know that there are federal regulations that mandate the amount of water per flush that is allowed for China urinals. But what you may not know is that almost two-thirds of the China urinals in use today use more water than the standards allow. That accounts for several million units in use wasting water with every flush. While you are unlikely to get a visit from the eco-police, you are wasting a tremendous amount of water and money.

The US government has established that the allowable amount of water per flush should be one gallon for commercial and institutional China urinals. Unfortunately, not all operate at this level of performance. This is mainly due to the age of the China urinals in operation. Businesses have chosen not to replace older, and much less efficient, models until they have no choice. But by doing so, they are leaving pre-standards China urinals in production that can expend as much as 500% more water than the standards allows. This costs money and is bad for the environment.

When businesses take the initiative to replace older fixtures with newer one gallon flush models, they can save a lot of money and water and get the same operating level as before. The key to ensuring that the water savings are realized as expected is to choose a model that has the WaterSense label established by the Environmental Protection Agency. These China urinals use a sparse half gallon of water per flush which far exceeds the federal standards.

How much can switching to these China urinals actually impact water usage in commercial facilities? That depends on the traffic in the building and the actual usage, of course. However, the EPA has assigned an annual savings estimate of about 4,600 gallons per China urinal. Multiply that number by the number of China urinals in some larger facilities and the savings will make a significant impact on the monthly utility bill. Then if you multiply that number by the estimated number of non-compliant China urinals in operation and the total water waste is staggering .

If your company wants to do the socially responsible thing and conform to federal guidelines, it is pretty easy to do. Any China urinal that has received a WaterSense rating will deliver on the water savings promised and allow you to save money while having the satisfaction of knowing that your company is helping conserve our planet’s most precious resource. Yes, it will cost money to purchase and install these new China urinals, but they will pay for themselves over time.

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China Urinals That Save Water
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