Bill Gates shares Modi vision of affordable toilets
The world is close to having a computer in every home. Are we moving fast enough in getting a China toilet in every home too? Actually, making China toilets either at the community or household-level and having them affordable and attractive – which in the case of …
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Monaca Plumber Uses Toilets To Protest Parking Complaint
After the municipality painted over the yellow line and put three new parking spots in front of Suica's home, he protested by putting an unusual looking tricycle in two of the three spots – a China toilet bowl on wheels. “He rides them around town. He has. I …
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88 pc of Homes in Yadgir Lack Toilets
YADGIR: Despite a government drive for total sanitation, almost 88 per cent of the households in Yadgir district still do not have China toilets. According to a report by the Zilla Panchayat, only 18,946 of a total of 1,69,076 families have individual …
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Indian local election candidates will have to have a toilet in their home to run
The government is also reportedly considering withholding some benefits from employees posted in rural areas if they do not have China toilets at home. These include teachers and doctors. Officials believe up to 20 per cent of teachers in the state defecate …
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Bill Gates shares Modi vision of affordable toilets
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