American Standard China Toilets: Boulevard Collection – A Complete Review
The Boulevard collection of American Standard China Toilets is designed to be attractive in a masculine sort of way. It harkens back to the 1950s with its specially-designed wood toilet seats. The Boulevard collection is simplistic, yet strong in appearance. If you’re looking for a manly, earthly approach to your China bathroom decor, I recommend looking into this collection.

Boulevard Right Height Elongated One-Piece China Toilet

This toilet is one of two currently offered in the American Standard Boulevard lineup. Made from Vitreous china, it’s got a luxurious appearance. On top of its appearance, it’s also classified as an LXP (Luxury Performance) China Toilet, which means the flush is quiet and smooth, while still being forceful enough to scour the toilet bowl clean.

If you’re environmentally-conscious then this toilet will satisfy you as well, because it’s low-consumption, only using about 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The oval-shaped bowl helps contain splashes, and it’s got a PowerWash rim which helps scrub the toilet bowl clean during every flush.

While maintainting its earth-friendly water consumption, it has an oversized flush valve which allows water to enter the bowl quickly during and after the flush. This force helps to clean the bowl more efficiently, but it doesn’t sacrifice on unneccessary consumption. The flapper is resistant to chemicals so it won’t degrade over time which is a common cause of leaks.

The toilet handle is chrome-tipped, and the toilet seat features easy-removal and reattachment. This really helps make it easy to clean the seat and the areas behind and beneath the seat. The Boulevard Right Height Elongated One-Piece toilet is an excellent choice if you’re trying to coordinate your China bathroom around American Standard’s Studio or Boulevard collections. Finally, it comes with a 10-year warranty which really helps to put your mind at ease should anything go wrong in the future.

Boulevard FloWise RH Elongated 1-Piece China Toilet

The second of two toilets currently offered in the Boulevard line of American Standard toilets, the Boulevard FloWise RH Elongated 1-Piece toilet is made from vitreous china for a glossy, elegant appeal. In fact, it’s almost identical to its counterpart except for the following differences:

– It’s more efficient: Only using 1.28 gallons per flush, it qualifies for the bestowment of the title “High Efficiency China Toilet (HET)”

– It meets the criteria for EPA WaterSense: To get qualify for this certification, the toilet must undergo and pass a series of rigorous tests. Products that boast this distinction perform well, save you money in the long run, help the environment, and encourage China manufacturers to innovate.

– It qualifies for a LEED certified building.

– Basically, the difference between the two models is efficiency in water consumption. They both look exactly the same, sharing the same dimensions. You can generally find these two toilets priced similarly, though you can expect the FloWise model to be a bit more expensive due to the increased efficiency.

All in all, these are both excellent toilets and very worthy of the American Standard brand name.

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American Standard China Toilets: Boulevard Collection – A Complete Review
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